Jennie and her husband, Tom*, came to Paulding Pregnancy Services looking to get information about abortion. Jennie shared that she had an abortion 2 years earlier. Our client advocate allowed Jennie to share her experience in a safe, non-judgmental room. She shared that after taking the first pill, she didn’t want to take the second set of pills. She parked her car in the Walmart parking lot and sobbed to Tom, who was her boyfriend at the time. He told her they could not financially take care of a baby at the moment. He convinced her to take the second set of pills.

She admitted that she did not want to have an abortion this time either, but was scared on how they would provide for a child. During her visit, Jennie and Tom were able to obtain information about abortion procedures, what happens to the baby, and the risks involved. They got to see our Earn While You Learn boutique and saw how Paulding Pregnancy Services could help them with education on prenatal and parenting topics and obtaining items for their baby.

Jennie shared that she had tried to find the abortion clinic she had gone to before and wasn’t able to find it on the internet. She then tried calling another abortion facility and they didn’t answer, not once, but twice. Finally, she called us. We told her that the Lord was trying to show her that she didn’t have to have an abortion and to trust in Him.

Jennie and Tom decided to trust in God and have decided to not abort their baby! We are excited for them and thankful to the Lord!

Our Miles for Moms 5K is a fundraiser to help support our Earn While You Learn program and our New Dad Boot Camp. We do these programs at no cost to our clients. Your financial support helps make these programs possible. We would love to see you at the 5K! If you would rather just donate, you can do that and still get the T-shirt!

*Names Changed


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