Justine* came to us feeling very upset. She shared that her boyfriend, Martin*, told her he wanted to have a baby with her. They tried for a few months and when she found out she was pregnant, he started to pressure her to have an abortion. He told her that he changed his mind and that he wasn’t ready to become a father.

Justine did not want to have an abortion. She had made that choice two years ago and did not want to do that again. Struggling with that decision, she stated that she felt she would commit suicide if she had another abortion. She also felt that she wasn’t prepared to be a single parent and so was interested in learning about adoption.

We were able to provide her with an ultrasound so that she could see her baby. We gave her education and resources on Post Abortion Healing, Adoption, and Single Parenting. Justine was feeling like adoption would be a good option. She felt equipped to sit down and talk with Martin about why she couldn’t have an abortion and to be able to explain why she was interested in choosing adoption.

Martin was not happy with her decision to not have an abortion and he is not supportive of her choosing adoption. Justine has a few months to decide what is best for her and her baby. We are providing encouragement and support through her participation of our Earn While You Learn program. Our Education Coordinator reports that she is doing great with the lessons and is an active participant in the program!

Justine stated that “Everything was fantastic!” at her first visit to Paulding Pregnancy Services. She has asked for prayer for “help to make the right decision.”

*Names and details have changed to protect client privacy


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