Shelia* is a young woman who came to us after leaving an abusive situation with her husband. She was visibly pregnant with her first child and shared that she had not had any prenatal care. Living in a hotel with her husband the last few months, he would not allow her to leave, was abusing her, and was threatening her life. She was able to get away and called her mom for help. Her mother found us online and brought her to Paulding Pregnancy Services.

We were able to provide Shelia with resources for local organizations and shelters for women who are in a domestic violence situation. A nurse spoke with her and informed her what labor looks like, answered her medical questions, and assured her that she could go to the hospital and would get care. She was also given a list of local OBGYNs and Medicaid information. We provided her with maternity clothes, diapers, other baby items, and a crib. She also signed up and has been participating in our Earn While You Learn program.

Shelia and her mom were so appreciative of the help that we offered that they came to Paulding Pregnancy Services with donuts to share with our volunteers and staff! They told us, “Everything was great!”

Shelia recently had her baby girl and is safe. She is a believer and asked for prayers. Please pray for her as she navigates being a new mom, healing from abuse, safety from her husband, and the courage to start a new life.

*Name and details changed to protect privacy


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