Great websites to check out:

Contact Paulding Pregnancy Services if you need someone to talk to about sexual health. We offer free pregnancy tests, ultrasound, and community resources. Speak with a nurse and get options counseling (Adoption, Abortion, and Parenting). We offer pregnancy support and help- our Earn While You Learn program allows you to be educated on important prenatal, pregnancy, and parenting topics and earn free items for your baby! We also offer help and support after abortion. Plus, a great Dad Boot Camp for guys to learn about newborn care. All services are free to the public. You don’t have to live in Paulding County to make an appointment.


Want to know more about the different abortion procedures? has OBGYN doctors who used to perform abortions show exactly how an abortion is performed and the risks involved. These short videos are a must see for anyone who is considering abortion! Click on each picture to watch and learn more!

First Trimester- Abortion Pill (FDA approved up to 10 weeks, though some clinics give it out after 10 weeks)

First Trimester- Surgical Abortion (Up to 14 weeks)

Second Trimester Abortion (14-22 weeks)

Third Trimester Abortion (22 weeks – Full Term /40 weeks)


Great apps and websites to check out! These organizations have TikToks and Instagram as well!

Movies to watch:

Lifemark is the true story of a young man who sets out to find his birth mother. Hearing her reason why she chose adoption over abortion is powerful.

Based on the true story of Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood worker. Find out what made her quit her job and begin fighting for the unborn.


For help, support and healing after an abortion. Classes for both men, women, and anyone who has been involved in an abortion.


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